Window Screens

Window Re-screening:

Are your window screens ripped, torn or discolored? Most common fiberglass screens last on average 5-8 years depending on seasonal changes and direct sun rays. Bugsy Screen Repair will rescreen your window screens with high quality insect screen giving your home a fresh new look. Bugsy Screen Repair provides quality convenient on-site screen repair. If the frames of your screens are in good shape, replacing the entire window screen frame is not necessary. Bugsy Screen Repair will come to your home or business and replace the old screen mesh with one of our high-quality screen products. Now that is convenient! 



Screen Window Frame Repair & Fabrication:

Is your screen frame broken, bent or missing? Bugsy Screen Repair will manufacture a new screen frame right on-site allowing us to make sure your new screen fits precisely into your window. We carry a variety of sizes and colors screen frame on our service vehicles to fit our client’s needs. We also have many different cross bars, springs, clips and latches for most on site screen repair as well.

Pet Screen for windows:

Yes, Bugsy Screen Repair offers our clients the option to have pet resistant screen material installed in windows that often succumb to the paws of Dogs and Cats. Bugsy Screen Repair’s pet screen mesh is an ultra-strong, pet resistant screening made from vinyl-coated polyester to resist damage by cats and dogs. The perfect solution for screens being damaged by household pets. Pet Screen Mesh is 20 percent stronger than typical fiberglass screen materials. With a 14 x 10 mesh Pet Screen Mesh allows excellent outward visibility and is easy for Bugsy Screen Repair to install.

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