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Enjoy Cool Nights With a Screen Porch

Sunshine and blue skies – why would you want to miss any of it this summer? With the cold winter behind us, it's time to spend more time in our backyards. However, it's not always fun to swat at flies and to be a meal for mosquitoes. With an enclosed porch, you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about insects and bad weather in your area.

Patio Enclosures: Welcome to Outside Living

Nothing beats sitting on your patio at night listening to the crickets and enjoying the cool breeze. An enclosed patio does so much for your home, giving you a new space in which to decorate and to gather with your family. The durable mesh screen keeps insects out of your patio area and away from an afternoon barbecue or a moment in a chair with a chilled drink. Covered porches may protect you from the rain, but a screened-in covered porch provides even more protection from the elements and acts as an extended living space outdoors. With an enclosed porch, you'll have a beautiful and pest-free outdoor space to enjoy with your friends and family no matter the season.

The Benefits of a Screened Porch

Patios and decks give you a space for barbecuing, lounging and gathering outdoors. If they're not enclosed, you're missing out on all the benefits that a screen provides. It creates the illusion of a new room outside and opens up a world of possibilities, such as turning a patio into an outdoor den. Other benefits of a screened porch include:

  • Offering protection against mosquitoes and other pests
  • Blocking heavy wind
  • Providing a safe place outside for children
  • Increasing your home's resale value
  • Should You Add an Enclosed Porch to Your Home?

Yes! An enclosed patio area makes venturing outdoors a more pleasant experience. You can have an extended living space for your friends and family to enjoy those cool Jersey nights and pleasant days outdoors. Contact Bugsy Screen Repair to get a free estimate on our many different services, from on-site screen repair to new screened porch installations.

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Keep Disease-Ridden Bugs Out With a Screened Porch

If you are like other people who enjoy spending time outside during nice weather, you have trouble keeping pests away from you and your family. Mosquitoes, ticks and a range of other insects can get into your porch and cause problems you won't want to overlook.

These pests can carry harmful pathogens to which you don't want to be exposed if you care about your well-being. The good news is that you can go outside in comfort when you opt for a screened porch, and you will know you have selected the correct path. If you want to install or repair a screened porch so that you can take advantage of the benefits, a trusted team of experts can give you a hand.


You are now ready to explore the benefits you can enjoy when you have a quality screened porch. You and your family can spend time outside without worrying about pests and the problems that come with them. A screened porch gives you a cool and safe place to relax and spend time with nature. You can even add tile and furniture to extend your living space, giving you even more room in your home to do the things you love.

Screened Porch Installation

If you have a porch or patio and want to take your results to new heights, our team can help and point you in the right direction. We can turn your existing porch or patio into a screened area in no time, and the outcome will make you smile. Depending on your goals, we can even install retractable screens to give you the best of both worlds. We will pay attention to the smallest details while we are working because our goal is to give you the best results possible.

Screened Porch Rehabilitation

Having a broken or damaged screened porch is a difficult and stressful situation in which to find yourself. You might believe you need to remove the old porch and install a new one to get the results you had in mind, but you don't. Our team will repair the damage and make your screened porch look as good as it did when you first bought your home. The difference will stand out and let you know you have made the smart call. When you enlist our help and let us give you a hand, your porch will look better than ever in no time.

Getting Started

If you want to add a screened porch to your home or repair one that has been damaged, contact Bugsy Screen Repair the second you are ready to act. While we are on the phone, we will learn about your needs and goals so that we can come up with a solution that makes sense for you. Answering your questions and addressing your concerns lets us give you an idea of what to expect when you move forward. If you are ready to begin and enjoy the benefits without delay, give us a call.

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Are Pet Doors Safe?

If you have cats or dogs and want to give your pets the freedom to come and go as they please, you are likely considering the benefits of installing a pet door. A pet door comes with a few advantages that can make your life much easier, and your pets will also enjoy it.

Although it will allow you to have many benefits, you must also think about the possible problems that a pet door can cause if you would like to get the full picture. Reviewing the pros and cons can get you moving along the proper path, but the team at Bugsy Screen Repair can improve your results and give you peace of mind.

Pests and Wildlife Problems

Pests and wildlife will not waste an opportunity to get inside and cause damage when you least expect to face the threat. Rodents can use the pet door to gain access to your home without warning. When that happens, it won't take them long to get inside your walls, and they will start chewing on your wires in no time.

Screen Door Damage

Feeling excited to enjoy some time outside, pets often run through the pet door when they hear noises or want to play. Unfortunately, they won't always find the right spot on the first try, causing them to run into and break parts of your screen door. The broken section of the screen will make it even easier for pests and wildlife to invade your home and create a range of problems you might want to avoid.

Steps to Safeguard Yourself

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a pet door but don't want to face the problems that often come with it, you likely feel as though you are out of luck. But you can take several steps to protect your home from the issues associated with pet doors, and you will be glad you did. You can begin by spraying a nontoxic insecticide near your door and around your yard. Also, buying some rodent traps that won't harm your pets and placing them around your home and yard will work wonders.

Bugsy Screen Repair

Despite your best effort, preventing screen damage when your pests use a pet door won't always be possible if you address the issue alone. If you would like to enjoy the best possible results, Bugsy Screen Repair can get the job done. Whether you need us to repair your screen door or to install a new one, we can meet your needs. Our pet-resistant screen doors will put your worries to rest, and you can give us a call as soon as you are ready to move forward.

Contact our team today and check out our service area to see if we can make it to your location to help!

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5 Reasons Why Screen Porches Are a Great Addition to a Home

Porches offer a comfortable place to enjoy the outdoors without getting too far from home. However, if your porch sees infrequent use, it's time to consider transforming it into a screened porch. A screened porch offers a number of benefits, such as protection from bugs and giving your children another place to play.

Pest Prevention

Protection from annoying pests is one of the biggest benefits of a screened porch. On a warm summer evening, the screens will keep out mosquitos and other hungry pests, allowing you to enjoy nature in peace. With this protection, you won't need to bathe yourself in insect repellent just to enjoy the fresh air.

Safety for Children and Pets

A screened porch provides a safe place for your children to play while spending time outdoors. A screened porch is an especially good idea if you have attractive dangers in your yard, such as a pool. It's always a good idea to keep your eye on your children, but you won't need to worry about them wandering off into traffic if you look away for a moment. Screened porches are also a good place for pets; your dog or cat can get some air without being free to roam the neighborhood.

Increase Your Home's Value

Although a screened porch might not be a typical feature prospective homeowners look for in their next house, it is an attractive structure with good curb appeal. Screened porches are easy to dress up to appeal to a buyer; simple furniture and decorative plants make a porch look comfortable and homey.

Added Privacy

If your backyard is open to easy viewing from neighbors and the street, a screened porch offers you a way to reclaim some privacy while you're outside reading a book or playing with your children. Basic screens obscure the view, but you can also choose screen material that is specifically designed to keep prying eyes away from your porch. This type of material won't interfere with your ability to look out, allowing you to appreciate your yard while keeping your privacy.

A New Place for Entertaining

If you love to entertain friends and family, a screened porch gives you a new location for your outdoor gatherings. During your gatherings, you won't need to worry about bug bites and younger guests getting into trouble in your yard. Your party food will also be protected from common picnic pests, including ants.

Upgrading your porch into a screened porch is a good way to make the space more useable for you and your family. If you want another way to enjoy the outdoors while enjoying the comforts of home, contact Bugsy Screen Repair.

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What Is a Retractable Screen?

If you would like to spend time in your garage without getting bit by mosquitoes and other insects, you are likely wondering what options are available. You can opt for a retractable screen when you want to get the most from your money, and you will be glad you did after you see the difference it can make.

A retractable screen will enhance your enjoyment and provide you with a comfortable and relaxing place to unwind or work on projects. If you still don't know if this product makes sense for you and your home, the following guide will point you in the right direction.

Keep Bugs out of Your Garage

Whether you want to work on your car or watch the children play in the yard, your garage is a great vantage point. You can even fire up the grill and host a cookout that your friends and family won't soon forget. The problem, though, is that bugs of all shapes and sizes will want to see what you are doing, and many of them will bite. A retractable screen will stop pests in their tracks, and you won't need to worry about them.

Enjoy Fresh Air and an Unobstructed View

If you are like many people, you dread the energy bill that comes when you keep your home cool on the hottest days of summer. The late afternoon and early evening hours bring some relief, but the hot air will still be trapped in your home unless you do something about it. Opening your garage door and allowing cool air to enter your home will make you feel much better. With a retractable screen, you can also sit in your garage and view the neighborhood without trouble.

Remains out of Sight When not in Use

If you don't want too many things taking up space in your garage, you could be feeling a little reluctant to install a retractable screen, which is understandable. Your goal is to keep your garage organized and free from clutter so that you can find your tools with ease. Luckily, you won't even know your screen is there when you retract it, so it won't need to use much space. Lift the screen and place it out of view when you don't need it, but you can put it in position within seconds when you want.

Getting Started

Comfort, safety and a sense of relaxation are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy when you invite us to install a retractable screen in your garage. Whether you would like to enjoy the view or let fresh air enter your home, we can give you a hand and get the job done. If you are ready to get started and enjoy the benefits, pick up your phone and contact us today.

Our service area spans throughout New Jersey, so reach out to us to see if we can help!

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Types of Screen Damage to Look Out For

If you are like most people who enjoy sunlight and a fresh breeze, your home has a screen door installed. Screen doors allow the outside air to circulate into your home and provide you with a great view of your yard and neighborhood, creating a relaxing environment. While screen doors have a lot of benefits, they can become damaged over time, and spotting the signs of damage is critical. A screen that is not at its best can allow a range of insects to invade your home and cause problems for you and your family. Combating that situation requires you to know the types of screen damage for which you should look.


Learning about punctures and how to spot them is a smart place from which to start when your goal is to keep pests out of your home, and punctures can happen when you carry large bags or furniture into your home and scrape the front of your screen door. Children playing in your yard or home can also cause small punctures in the screen if you are not careful, and you will want to take fast action so that you can stop it from getting worse.

Although large holes won't be hard to detect, small openings can be nearly invisible to the untrained eye. You need to remember that small punctures can still allow mosquitoes and other pests to get inside when you least expect it. Gently moving your hand across the surface of the screen will help you detect small punctures.


Tears that appear in your screen are usually visible as soon as you look at them. Children and pets are sometimes to blame for this type of damage. Once a tear is present, it will get progressively worse as time passes, so you can't afford to ignore the issue if you value your home. Many pests will jump at the chance to use the tear to invade and make trouble. If you have a small tear and want to do a quick fix, place some tape over the opening to create a temporary seal.

Ripped Seams

Since they will stand out to anyone who enters or leaves your home, you won't need to look hard to spot ripped seams on your screen door. A small rip might not seem like much at first glance, but you could lose your entire screen unless you are proactive.

Bugsy Screen Repair

If you want to leave your front door open without pests getting inside, let the team at Bugsy Screen Repair fix your damaged screen, and we promise that you will be in good hands at each step. Depending on your needs and goals, we can install a custom screen door or repair the one you already have. Let us know what you would like us to achieve, and we will do what it takes to put a smile on your face. If you are ready to get started so that you can enjoy the benefits, pick up your phone and contact Bugsy Screen Repair right away.

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Top 5 Ways A Screen Door Can Be Damaged

If your mission is to keep pests from invading your home, it's time to invest in high-quality screens for your doors, windows and porch. Unfortunately, some pests revel in mischief, and tearing through screens is one of their specialties. The good news is that Bugsy Screen Repair can provide you with a turnkey solution.

Pests to Watch Out for

Depending on where you live, you may find more insects or more rodents lurking around your porch. Like antsy criminals, pests will seize any opportunity to enter your home, so don't ignore them or underestimate their abilities.


Grasshoppers are nocturnal and mostly active around late summer and fall. In some cultures, they are considered to be a harbinger of good luck, but this means very little to homeowners. These jumping critters have a tendency to ruin gardens. With their little jaws and claws, they can damage just about any fabric-based screen that you put up.


When you spot one or two crickets at your door, don't panic. Yes, crickets are similar to gangs, but this only means that they are mostly problematic when they are in a large group. Since they stay out of sight during the day and come out at night to forage, you can call them a pest with a plan. Crickets are scavenging critters that feed on clothing, carpets, plants and other insects. If they want to find a source of food in your home, they will work together to get through the screens protecting your doors and windows.


Wasps are commonly feared and hated for these two reasons: They sting when they feel threatened, and they cause trouble wherever they nest. That's why you shouldn't let their nest stay attached to your home. The longer it stays, the more these insects will weaken your home's structural integrity. They may even attack your screen to get inside your home.

Children and Their Games

When your children are playing in the yard, watch out! It's only a matter of time before you hear a ball breaking your screen and window. Children can sometimes be mischievous and out of control while having fun, so it's OK to assume that they have a special knack for getting into trouble. As the parent, you can help save your screens by setting some rules, but accidents are somewhat inevitable. Keep this in mind, and remember that Bugsy Screen Repair is at your service.

The Elements

With each changing season, the elements fluctuate accordingly, so your screens can sustain damage on any given day. From hail to debris, many things can come through your screens and windows when the weather is nasty. Thankfully, some damage is repairable. All you need is a team of professionals, and Bugsy Screen Repair is available to help.

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Should You Get a Pet Door: The Potential Benefits

You're tired of letting the dog or cat in and out of the house every five minutes. While you could leave the door open, this just isn't an option during New Jersey's cold winters. You're also not too keen on inviting swarms of insects inside during the other seasons. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to consider installing a basic pet door instead.

Your Pet Can Come and Go Freely

If you plan on giving your pet the liberty to roam, then why not make it true freedom? Pet doors mean that your animal can leave and enter as they please even if you don't feel like getting up. 

This benefit is about more than mere convenience. Suppose you happen to be rocking out to your favorite song on headphones. If you miss the sound of the dog scratching at the door, then you might be in for an unpleasantly messy surprise. Installing a flap could save you a lot of cleanup. 

Not having to hold their urine for prolonged periods might also be healthier for your animal. This is especially true if they suffer from diseases or old age.

Modern Pet Doors Are Fairly Advanced

Are you afraid that you'll come home to find all of the neighborhood's strays in your living room if you install a pet door? Guess again, because today's technology includes cool features like doors that only open for a properly microchipped or collared animal and smart home doors that let you know when your pet is coming and going. 

You'll Lower Your Energy Costs

Whether you're heating or cooling your home, you lose air every time you open the door. Since pet doors are a lot smaller than their human-sized counterparts, they can reduce the amount of energy you sacrifice each time Spot feels the need to go tearing after squirrels or birds in the backyard.

Your Animal Will Feel Better

Like any pet owner who loves their furry companions, you do everything in your power to minimize the amount of stress that they experience on a daily basis. Animals love to move around, and pet doors let them work off the tension they build up while they're waiting for you to play with them. This might contribute to far better moods, safety and behavioral adjustment, especially if you usually leave your animals outdoors for extended periods.

Picking a Pet Door That Fits Your Home

Pet doors come in many shapes and sizes, so you can usually find something that suits your property. If your pet has a problem understanding that they shouldn't destroy your screen doors, for instance, then having Bugsy Screen Repair install a purpose-made pet door might just be the solution.
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A Brief History of the Screen Door

Screen doors and windows are widespread amenities nowadays. If you're like many New Jersey homeowners, you wouldn't even consider purchasing a property that doesn't have them. 

As essential aids in your quest to enjoy the local climate as much as possible without being hassled by insects, these commonplace features seem fairly simple. What you probably don't realize, however, is that they were almost unheard of just 200 years ago. Here's where screen doors came from and what led to their universal popularity.

The First Home Screens

As building materials, screens are relatively new. Although homes have been around for as long as humans have been living in cities and towns instead of trees and caves, it took thousands of years for them to figure out how to keep insects and animals from entering their windows at will.

According to historians, people in the U.S. used to hang cheesecloth across their open windows. Cheesecloth is typically made from cotton and includes fibers that are woven together loosely. When people make certain kinds of cheese, it's used to squeeze the liquid materials out of curds since its open weave allows small particles to pass through. This feature made it perfect for letting air circulate through windows without clouds of bugs coming along for the ride.

The Shift to Wire

Cheesecloth served its purpose for years, but it also had weaknesses. Its light weight made it tear easily, and this wasn't exactly convenient for homeowners. Although there's no word on whether people's homes smelled like cheese if they couldn't afford new cloth, the market was clearly ripe for a change.

When the U.S. Civil War broke out in the 1860s, some northern manufacturing companies lost many of their customers. One such Connecticut firm produced wire cloth for baking sieves and strainers. The company thought it might be a good idea to sell these products to homeowners who were tired of using cheesecloth, and screen windows and doors were born.

Getting to Modern Times

The original screens just came as painted or steel wire cloth. It was up to you to build your own custom window or door frame and attach the screen. By the turn of the century, however, manufacturers started shifting to ready-made door and window products that already included screens, so it became even easier to outfit homes properly.

Today, screen doors and windows include many shapes and styles. For instance, they're commonly combined with heavy-duty metal security elements, and some feature pet doors and retractable frames that facilitate improved ventilation. Screens also come in materials like fiberglass and traditional metal. No matter what kind of screen door or window you choose, you can take advantage of more than a century of technological progress and development to keep your home insect free.

Check out our service area today and see if we can make it to your home or business today!

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The Importance of Screen Protection for Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor entertainment spaces have grown in popularity as more people screen-in their porches, decks and balconies. Even if you don't plan to entertain, having a screened porch benefits you in many ways. You can gather outdoors and enjoy the scenery in an enclosed space without the worry of insects and inclement weather.

3 Reasons to Have Screened Outdoor Spaces

It reduces wind gusts.

Heavy or constant winds can prevent you from sitting outdoors and enjoying your backyard. A screen dampens the wind and keeps it from blowing your patio items around. You won't have to deal with random wind gusts or dirt and dust particles that are sent flying through the air.

It keeps out unwanted pests.

Mosquitoes and other pest insects will keep you from sitting on your patio. Stinging insects, such as bees and wasps, hover around patios and decks as they look for places to build their nests. If you have a screened porch, these insects can't infiltrate your space. There's no worry about wasp nests, mosquito infestations or other insect problems as you gather on your deck during the morning, afternoon or night.

It creates an extension of your interior.

Having a screened-in patio gives you the freedom to move your interior to the exterior. If you're short on living space, you can have a screen installed on your deck, giving you a new place to entertain your guests or to sit and relax after work. If you have a gazebo farther out on your lawn, you can have it screened and converted to an inviting gathering space.

Screen Repair and Installation for Your Home

Screened porches and decks give you a place to sit outside without having to be completely in the sun. You won't have to deal with pesky insects flying around your head or wind gusts that blow the morning paper out of your hands. If you need a screen repaired or a new installation, Bugsy has you covered. We can repair your screen and make it look as good as new. We'll also replace your existing screen with an updated mesh for improved longevity.

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How Are Screen Doors and Windows Made?

Most people don't pay much attention to common building materials, such as screen windows and doors. Like many seemingly simple home features, however, their straightforward appearance hides a world of interesting manufacturing and fabrication techniques. Here's a quick primer on how your screen doors and windows probably came to be.

Manufacturing the Screen Itself

Most screens are made of wire or fiberglass. These substances naturally start off as long strands. By weaving the strands together using large-scale industrial machines that look like fabric looms, manufacturers can create screens that let air flow freely yet block the passage of bugs, birds, rodents and other pests.

Metal vs. Fiberglass

With metal screens, the individual wires aren't permanently linked together. Instead, they're held in place by the fact that they pass back and forth between other wires. Most of the wire screens that you can purchase will include loops at their edges to prevent the material from unraveling. If you cut them, however, you have to be careful so that they don't end up coming apart. 

Fiberglass strands can be fused together by partially melting them and applying pressure. After these screens pass through the weaving machine, manufacturers typically treat them with heated rollers or similar machinery to ensure that they stay in one piece. 

Attaching the Screen to the Frame

Screens usually fit inside metal frames that rest in your window or door. There are various ways to keep the screen fixed in place. 

One of the most common framing techniques involves placing a screen inside specially made grooves in the frame. Then, you stuff a soft rubber or plastic gasket, known as a spline, inside the channel to keep the screen from moving. People typically accomplish this using a roller-like tool that includes a curved edge for pressing the spline down.

From there, the excess screen material is usually trimmed away. With some screened doors, such as the tough metal models that also act as home security measures, the screen may also be held in place by additional pieces of metal or plastic. 

Getting the Screen in Place

Even in windows and doors that come as complete manufactured sets, framed screens are usually designed for easy removal. This ensures that even if the screen gets damaged, you can repair your home affordably without having to replace the entire window or door. 

Although it was a long journey from raw wires or fibers to a completed product that enhances your property, the final installation step is usually very easy: Most screen doors and windows can be installed the same way that their screen-free counterparts are. Even better, the results typically last for decades. To learn more about keeping bugs out of your home or business, why not talk to one of our experts?

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